• Multifunctional building materials – shingles

    There are many different building materials and their functions are different. Among the many building materials, each material has its own advantages, but it is very rare to find a material like shingles that has the advantages of a combination of building materials. Wood shingles, as the name i...
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  • A masterpiece of history – Wooden tiles

    Beijing Hanbang Foundation launched the wood tile with its strong historical flavor on the stage of the decoration world. In the ancient country with 5,000 years of history and culture, architectural culture has also been in existence since ancient times. “Architecture is thoughtful, it is ...
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  • Wooden tiles-Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues draped in silver

    Wooden tile, a traditional Chinese architecture, is a wonder, its smooth texture, no matter after how many years, under the engraving of the years, engraved with a bit of the vicissitudes given by the years. This vicissitudes is exactly where the Chinese culture lies, and the Chinese people are j...
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  • Wooden Tile Building – Winter Olympic Village

    According to the requirements of the national highest level green building three-star standard, the design of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village is strictly in accordance with the national regulations and is built with green shingle materials. In this regard, the shingle architecture of the Yanqing W...
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  • Wooden shingles – Let the world see the artisanal heritage of a great nation

    What is artisanship? Artisanship and the inheritance of artisans is to bury one’s head in one’s work, unknowingly plowing deep inside, inheriting in the artifacts and conveying in the humanities. The wooden board is the artifact that carries the spirit of the great artisans, and is th...
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